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Advanced Energy 
Systems Institute

From materials and processes to systems

Energy Storage & Energy Conversion Systems |
Process Systems Engineering |
Resilient Energy Systems

Our mission

The Advanced Energy Systems (AES) Institute was established in 2017 at the University of Bremen. The mission of AES is to initiate, empower and use scientific and technological breakthroughs in research on sustainable and resilient energy systems and processes.  

At the AES, the research program takes on several of the grand challenges of the energy transition. The program targets the storage, conversion, and distribution of energy in different physical and chemical forms. Our research and development shall yield solutions that balance highly fluctuating generation, maintain a functional energy supply for society and to provide reliable and affordable energy services for industry even in situations of stress and uncertainty. 

We are active now for almost one year and the institute is taking shape and growing rapidly. Currently we have a staff of three professors, 17 researchers and 4 technical/administrative staff, with a strong growth expected in 2018.

The instiute consist of three groups within the Faculty of Production Engineering:

Energy Storage & Energy Conversion Systems (ESECS)

Process Systems Engineering (PSE)

Resilient Energy Systems (RES)

The Directors

Prof. Dr. Stefan Goessling-Reisemann (RES) - Speaker

Prof. Dr. Fabio La Mantia (ESECS) 

Prof. Dr. Ir. Edwin Zondervan (PSE) 

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